Your precious memories are probably sitting in a dusty old box in say, your basement. Did you know that VHS tapes actually deteriorate over time? This is an urgent call to get your memories transferred over to digital format where they will be preserved for life!


We are a local Fort Wayne, IN, business that specializes in transfers of VHS to DVD or digital format. Head ninja, Kyle Miron, has been a photographer/videographer for over 10 years, capturing over a hundred weddings, creating memories for people.

In 2016 he was diagnosed with stage four, high-risk brain cancer! And miraculously in 2017, he was in remission. He and his wife, Eliza came up with the idea of VHS Ninja as a way for Kyle to work in an at home environment.



Please allow up to (4) weeks for orders of 30 or more tapes.

**Additional DVD copies are $10 each
**USB Thumbdrives will be priced according to size needed

Our process is simple.

Read over our privacy/waiver.
Fill out our order form.
Send your tapes to our Fed Ex Account: VHS Ninja –  or schedule an appointment to drop off your tapes at Mocha Lounge of Fort Wayne or Moose & Mollie’s of Roanoke.
We will keep you updated on our progress and contact you when the transfer is finished to schedule a Fed Ex return or a pick up at one of our two pick-up locations.


VHS tapes are OLD! And old stuff begins to deteriorate. We promise to give exquisite care and attention to your priceless memories and we are using clean and reliable equipment. However, we cannot guarantee that a VHS tape we receive is going to survive the process. Therefore, we cannot and will not take responsibility for a damaged tape. You are transferring at your own risk. If a tape fails we will offer you (1) free tape transfer. Trust us, you’ve come to the right place!